Q. How do I place an order or get more detailed information?
A. To place an order or for more information, please contact us at: info@soundsrightmastering.com

Q. How much does mastering cost?
A. Our prices are the lowest on the internet for mastering and we invite you to search around. Our per song price is $15 USD and for an album of 8-12 songs, we charge a flat fee of $100 USD. More than 12 songs is $10 USD per song. For example 15 songs will cost $150 USD.

Q. What’s the turnaround time for one song or an album?
A. On Average 1-7 songs can be done in 24-48 hours and an album can be done in 48-72 hours.

Q. Do you only work with hip hop?
A. No, hip hop is our specialty but we work with all genres of music.  We also work with producers who are interested in pushing their presentation to another level as many are now leasing and selling beats.  Our theory is, “why not give your clients the best possible sound to encourage them to come back to you”?

Q. Is a sample available of the work done before I pay?
A. An audio stamped version of will be sent to you, and upon payment, you will be sent a version clear of the audio stamp.

Q. Why do I need to master my project?
A. The mastering process is similar to the difference between standard television definition and High Definition or home movie quality to theater quality.   Our mastering service takes your studio experience to radio quality whether you record it in a home or professional studio.

Q. What format do I need to send my files and what format will I get back?
A. Sounds Right Mastering takes all audio formats but “.wav” is the preferred file type. After mastering, both WAV and MP3 files will be sent to you after payment is received.  A large amount of our clients use Bandcamp and need songs in WAV format.

Q. What is the referral program?
A. Once you become a client, whenever you refer someone to us and they get a full album done, you get $15 dollars USD.

Q. How do you accept payments?
A Payments are made through Paypal.

Q. Do you do rush orders?
A. 1-7 songs have a rush service fee of $5.00 per song and are delivered same day.  8-12 songs have a rush fee of $25.00 total and each additional song adds $5.00 per song.  i.e. a 15 song album with rush service would cost $125.00 for the first 12 plus $45.00 for the additional 3 songs.  The total cost is $170.   All rush orders have a 50% deposit due up front.  Rush orders for 1-7 songs have an 8-12 hour turnaround time and albums have a  12-24 hour turnaround time.