About Us

Sounds Right Mastering is an online music mastering company, founded by Hip Hop artist Wes Coas, that gives independent artists a competitive and radio-ready sound quality for an affordable price.

Why Sounds Right Mastering?

At Sounds Right Mastering we believe that today’s hip hop artist can spend spending hundreds to thousands of dollars to go into studios and leave with a decent mix. However when put against today’s FM music, the quality is not matching up. To get the crisp sound heard on the radio, they will need to get their music mastered. The cost of mastering a song can range from $50-$150 USD. When multiplied by the standard 12 track album, you’re going to spend $600-$1800 USD. At Sounds Right Mastering we’re able to take your mixed material and master it for a fraction of the above cost.

To place an order or for more information, please contact us at: info@soundsrightmastering.com